What’s new in Logic Pro X

Get started with Logic Pro X
Sharing, Track Stacks, Drummer, Apple Loops, Mixing, Smart Controls, Editing regions, Arranging regions, Tracks, Tempo, key, and time signature.

If you are upgrading
New and changed terms in Logic Pro X, New concepts in Logic Pro X, Work with advanced tools and additional options, Overview.

Logic Pro basics
How to get help, Download additional content, Undo and redo edits in Logic Pro, Work with tools in Logic Pro, Work with Logic Pro windows, Advanced tools and additional options, Logic Pro project basics, Logic Pro interface overview, Logic Pro workflow overview, What is Logic Pro?.

Connect external devices
Connect MIDI devices, Connect audio devices, Overview.

Work with projects
View project information and reorganize memory, Close projects, Preview projects in the Finder, Manage projects, Set project properties, Play and navigate projects, Delete projects, Save projects, Open projects, Create projects.

Work with tracks
Edit track parameters, Export tracks and regions, Bounce tracks and regions in place, Control timing with the groove track, Work with the master track, Work with Track Stacks, Work with patches in the Library, Use the track header controls, Track basics, Overview.

Record your voice or a musical instrument
Comp your audio recordings, Advanced recording techniques, Record software instruments, Record audio, Overview.

Use prerecorded media
Supported media and file formats, Add ReCycle files to your project, Import compressed audio files, Use the Project Audio Browser, Import and search for media files, Use Apple Loops in your projects, Overview.

Create a song arrangement
Edit region parameters, Work with groove templates, Work with folders, Remove silent passages from audio files, Create fades and crossfades on audio regions, Arrange regions in the Tracks area, Work in the Tracks area, Overview.

Edit audio regions in the Audio Track Editor
Delete audio regions, Snap edits to zero crossings, Split and join audio regions, Trim audio regions, Move audio regions, Cut, copy, and paste, Select audio regions, Overview.

Edit MIDI regions in the Piano Roll Editor
Open other editors, Use MIDI Draw, Split chords, View multiple MIDI regions, Add and edit notes, Overview.

Add drummers to your project
Convert Drummer regions to MIDI regions, Use Drum Machine Designer, Use Drum Kit Designer, Work with Producer Kits, Work in the Drummer Editor, Overview.

Edit the timing and pitch of audio
Use Varispeed to alter the speed and pitch of audio, Edit the pitch of audio, Edit the timing of audio, Overview.

Advanced edit features
MIDI Transform window, Audio File Editor, Step Editor, Event List, Advanced Logic Pro editors.

Mix a project
Work with ReWire applications, Adjust channel strips when recording or playing, Use the I/O Labels window, Customize the Mixer, Work with MIDI channel strips, Binaural panning, Surround panning, Work with Mixer groups, Control channel strip signal flow in the Mixer, Work with channel strip settings.

Automate mix and effects settings
Use MIDI Draw, Write track automation with external controllers, Edit automation in the Automation Event List, Snap automation to grid positions, Select, copy, move, and delete automation, Add automation to tracks, Choose automation modes, Show automation curves, Overview.

Use Smart Controls
Automate screen control movements, Use the Arpeggiator with a Smart Control, Compare an edited Smart Control with its saved settings, Assign hardware controls to screen controls, Control articulation changes using articulation IDs, Rename a screen control, Open the plug-in window for a screen control, Use parameter mapping graphs, Edit mapping parameters, Map screen controls.

Make global changes to a project
Control the overall project volume, Work with beat mapping, Work with transposition, Work with tempo, Work with time and key signatures, Build a project with arrangement markers, Work with markers, Use the global tracks, Overview.

View and edit music notation
Customize the Score Editor, Share the completed score, Edit the score layout, Create scores and parts using score sets, Work with staff styles, Edit score region parameters, Work with chord grids, Add lyrics and text, Edit notes in the Score Editor, Add notes and symbols from the Part box.

Share projects
Export projects, Share songs to SoundCloud, Share songs using MailDrop, Share songs using AirDrop, Share projects to the Media Browser, Share songs as ringtones, Share songs to iTunes, Bounce projects, Overview.

Surround in Logic Pro X
Additional surround information, Logic Pro X surround features, Set up Logic Pro X for surround, Logic Pro X surround overview.

Work in the Environment
Environment objects reference, Customize the Environment, Exchange Environments, Create your MIDI signal path, Work with Environment objects, Work with Environment layers, Common object parameters, Overview.

Video and synchronization
Logic Pro X synchronization, Use movies in Logic Pro X, Video and synchronization overview.

Preferences, project settings, and key commands
Key commands, Project settings, Logic Pro preferences.