Exchange drums

In Drum Kit Designer, you can produce different sounds by exchanging drums. For all kits, you can exchange the kick and snare drums. When working with Producer Kits, you can additionally exchange toms, cymbals, and hi-hat.

Note: Producer Kits and some drums are only available after you download additional content.

Exchange a drum

  1. Click a drum.

    The Exchange panel opens to the left if exchange pieces are available for that kit piece.

  2. Click the Info button of a selected kit piece to view its description.

  3. Click the kit piece that you want to exchange in the Exchange panel. You may need to scroll in order to find the one you want to use.

    The piece is exchanged and the respective drum sound is loaded.

    Note: The toms and crash cymbals can only be exchanged as a group.

  4. Click anywhere in the plug-in window background to close the panels.