Map Drum Kit Designer to external hardware controllers

Drum Kit Designer is compatible with the General MIDI (GM) standard. You can also choose GM+, which maps the keyboard ModWheel for Hi-Hat control. This means that you can use the keyboard ModWheel to adjust the degree to which the Hi-Hat opens and closes during the drum performance.

Drum Kit Designer is also compatible with the V-Drum standard.

Map to external hardware controllers

  1. Click the disclosure triangle at the bottom-left corner of the plug-in window to show additional settings.

  2. Choose one of the following from the Input Mapping pop-up menu:

    Figure. The Input Mapping choices in Drum Kit Designer.
    • GM

    • GM + ModWheel controls HiHat opening level

    • V-Drum

For details on how drum sounds are remapped when different modes are chosen, see the Logic Pro Instruments manual.