Advanced Logic Pro editors

Logic Pro includes several advanced editing windows that you can use to process and manipulate audio or MIDI information in unique ways.

The advanced Logic Pro editors are available when Advanced tools and additional options is selected in the Advanced preferences pane. To access the Audio File Editor, you need to select the Show Advanced Tools checkbox and the Audio checkbox in the Advanced preferences pane.

  • Event List: The Event List shows MIDI events or regions as an alphanumerical list. All available event or region values can be edited. See Event List overview.

  • Step Editor: The Step Editor shows MIDI events as steps—positioned on lanes that resemble the tracks shown in the main window. See Step Editor overview.

  • Audio File Editor: The Audio File Editor lets you make precise adjustments to audio files, remove pops and clicks in audio material, set sample-accurate crossover points for looped playback, correct phase cancellation errors, and more. See Audio File Editor overview.

  • MIDI Transform window: The MIDI Transform window is a processing utility that transforms MIDI events into different types of events, or events with different values. See MIDI Transform window overview.