Set audio file levels

You can use the Change Gain command to change the level of an audio file in the Audio File Editor. Typically used on an entire audio file, this command can also be used to boost portions of it.

Raise or lower the level of the selected audio file (or area) by a specific amount

  1. Choose Functions > Change Gain from the Audio File Editor menu bar.

  2. Choose your settings in the Change Gain dialog:

    Figure. Change Gain dialog.
    • Set the required level change in the Change Relative fields by clicking the up or down arrows, or by directly entering values, in either field. You can use the percentage or decibel field to indicate the amount of increase or decrease you prefer.

    • Click the Search Maximum button to search for the peak level. This automatically sets a value that is used to alter the level of the audio file. The Results in Absolute fields display the maximum level that will be achieved by changing the gain—by the amount shown in the Change Relative fields.

  3. Click Change to perform the gain change.

Important: You should never make a gain change that results in a value over 100%, because this will result in digital clipping.