Use the Audio File Editor Pencil tool

You can use the Pencil tool to correct clicks and pops in your audio, by drawing in the waveform display.

You may find it useful to change the view of the waveform so that it shows the data structure. For more information, see Change the waveform display.

Correct pops and clicks with the Pencil tool

  1. Navigate to the section of the waveform you want to correct.

    Tip: Pops and clicks are often the loudest part of an audio file, so you may find the Functions > Search Peak command useful when looking for them.

  2. Use the zoom sliders to magnify that section of the waveform, then use the Pointer tool to scrub the audio around the pop or click.

    This action will help you identify exactly where you need to draw.

  3. Select the Pencil tool and drag from left to right (including up or down movements) to draw in a new shape for the waveform spike.

    The edges of drawn sections are automatically smoothed.

    Press Option to affect both sides of stereo waveforms.

    Figure. Waveform display being corrected with the Pencil tool.

    As long as the mouse button is held down, the drawn waveform can be replaced by the original waveform, by moving the pointer to the left.