Change event values

You can change the event values shown in the Event List Value, Number, and Channel columns by using the mouse as a slider or with text input. You can not directly alter the event type in the Status column.

You can also rename regions or folders, but not events.

Alter the event type

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Functions > MIDI Transform, then choose a preset.

    The MIDI Transform window opens, allowing you to transform the event. For more information, see MIDI Transform window overview.

  • Add an event of the new type, then delete the original event.

Override the maximum or minimum value limitation

If a parameter of one of several selected events is altered, it affects the same parameter in all events within the selection group. When you alter parameter values in a group of selected events, the relative differences between parameter values remain unchanged.

Parameter values can only be altered until the (same) parameter value of one of the selected events has reached its maximum or minimum value.

  • Option-drag the value.

    This technique allows you to continue altering a parameter value in a multiple selection, even when one of the selected events has reached its maximum or minimum value.

Set a parameter to the same value for all selected events

  • Hold down Option-Shift while dragging the value.

Note: It’s possible to select different event types, and simultaneously alter the Number or Value parameter. However, this can lead to unexpected results. It’s recommended that you use the event type buttons to hide non-matching event types. The enhanced selection functions may also be useful when creating or editing groups of events.