Edit articulation IDs for note events

Some software instruments included with Logic Pro, including drummers, strings, and orchestral instruments, provide multiple articulations for MIDI notes. For example, a software instrument for strings might include legato, pizzicato, and staccato articulations, while a drum kit might include a series of articulations for closed and open hi-hat, with multiple steps in between.

Articulation IDs allow multiple articulations to be associated with a single MIDI note, and provide a way to access these articulations without using complex key combinations.

You can view and edit articulation IDs in the Event List.

View articulation IDs in the Event List

  • Choose View > Articulation ID from the Event List View menu.

    An ID column appears in the Event List, showing articulation IDs for each MIDI note event. Articulation IDs start from a value of 1; the range of used values is different for different instruments, depending on the number of articulations available.

Edit articulation IDs in the Event List

  • Drag the articulation ID parameter for a note event vertically.

    As you drag the articulation ID parameter to each value, the articulation for that value plays. When there is no articulation for the selected value, you hear silence.

You can also work with articulation IDs in the EXS24 mkII Instrument Editor, and change articulations in real time using Smart Controls or modulation routing.