Edit events overview

The Event List Position, Status, Ch(annel), Num(ber), Val(ue), and Length/Info columns display all details of all event types. In most cases, you can directly edit the data displayed (with the exception of the Status column, which indicates the event type).

Not all columns are used for every type of event. For example, system exclusive messages are not MIDI-channel specific, so the Channel column is unused. Channel and polyphonic pressure messages have no length, so the Length/Info column is blank.

In some instances, clicking the information in the Number or Value column opens a pop-up menu, allowing you to choose an option. For example, clicking the Number column of a MIDI controller event (Control is shown in the Status column) opens a pop-up menu of numbered and named standard MIDI controller types. These include Controller numbers 3 = Solo, 7 = Volume, 10 = Pan, and so on.

Figure. Event List pane showing MIDI controller type pop-up menu.

Details about the different event types, the parameters shown in the columns, and the impact of changes—on both the event itself and other columns—are found in these sections: