Mute and delete regions and events

The Mute and Delete functions go hand in hand, because you will often want to remove events you have muted.

Mute or unmute one or more selected note events

  • Select one or more note events, then choose Functions > Mute Selected Events on/off (default key command assignment: M).

    A dot appears in the Status column of muted note events.

The Edit > Select > Muted Events command is also available in the Event List. It can be used to quickly select and delete all muted events.

Delete events

Do one of the following:

  • Select the events, then press Delete.

  • Choose one of the commands in the Edit > Delete MIDI Events menu.

    • Duplicates (default key command assignment: D): Erases all duplicate events.

    • Inside or Outside Locators: Erases all MIDI events inside/outside the locators.

    • Outside Region Boundaries: Erases all MIDI events that fall completely outside the region borders, which can happen when regions are resized.

    • Unselected Within Selection: Erases all unselected MIDI events within a selection, such as between locators.