Filter event types

When viewing events in a selected MIDI region, you can use the event type buttons to filter what is shown. These buttons show or hide specific event types from the list below, thus limiting the view to events that you want to edit.

As a practical example of where these event type buttons could be used: Imagine a drum part that you have recorded. You have found that every High Tom note event (D2) shares a frequency with another instrument track, and is lost in the mix. Filter the view so that only note events are visible, select one of the High Tom events, then use the Select Equal Regions/Events key command, default assignment: Shift-E. All note events with a value of D2 are selected, allowing you to simultaneously change them to the Mid Tom sound (B1), for example.

Important: All selection and editing functions performed in the Event List only affect the displayed events, protecting any invisible events from changes you may make.

Filter the display of events

  1. Click the event type buttons that match the event types you want to hide or display (Notes, Pitch Bend, and so on).

    Events that match the active (illuminated) buttons are shown in the list. Events that match the inactive (dark) buttons are hidden.

    Figure. Event List tab showing event type buttons.

Show additional information in the filtered display

The Event List is normally restricted to one line per event. When the Additional Info button is on, however, all information stored along with the event is also shown.

This is particularly important for editing SysEx messages. When examining note events in the Event List, you will also notice Rel Vel (release velocity or note off messages).

  • Click the Additional Info button to show all information stored with an event.

    Figure. Event List tab indicating Additional Info button.

    Score layout information is also included in the list when additional info is shown. You can edit this in the Event List, but it is more efficient to perform such operations in the Score Editor.