View events and regions in the Event List

By default, the Event List shows all events in the selected MIDI region.

Figure. Event List tab showing all events in selected MIDI region.

The Event List can also display a list of all regions (and folders) in the Logic Pro main window.

Figure. Event List tab showing all regions in Arrange window.

View the events within a region in an open Event List window

  • Click the name of the region with the Pointer tool.

The Event List can’t show the events of a multiple region selection. The Event List behaves as follows:

  • The events of the last selected region are displayed (this also applies when selecting multiple regions with Shift-click).

  • The events of the first selected region are displayed when a marquee selection is made.

View a list of regions (and folders)

  • Click the Display Level button at the top-left corner of the Event List window.

    This button is only accessible when the Event List is showing the contents of a region (it’s showing events, in other words).