Meta events

Meta events are control messages that are specific to Logic Pro. They are used to automate certain functions, and to organize and arrange Score Editor elements (particular notation symbols and formatting) that can’t be represented by MIDI events.

Figure. Event List showing meta events.

The value in the Number column determines the meta event function, and the value in the Value column determines the value that is sent. You should only ever insert and edit the following column values in the Event List.

  • Ch(annel): MIDI channel of an event from 1 to 16.

  • Num = 47 (Send Byte to MIDI): This sends the track instrument any byte value (Val) between 0 and 255 ($00-$FF). As a usage example of this meta event: If you send 246 as the byte, this is equivalent to a MIDI tuning request message. The display will show Send Byte $F6. Only use this meta event if you know what you’re doing—if you don’t, your sound modules and synths may start to behave very oddly.

  • Num = 48 (Switch Fader): This sends MIDI events to a particular output number (Val) on a cable switcher. You first need to connect a cable between a track instrument and the cable switcher in question. For details about cable switchers, see Cable switchers.

  • Num = 49 (Go to screenset): This event selects a screenset. Val determines the screenset number.

  • Num = 50 (Project Select): This event switches projects on a MIDI data filer or player. Val determines the stored project number.

  • Num = 51 (Go to Marker): When this event is sent, playback jumps to another marker. Val determines the marker number.

  • Num = 52: This meta event stops playback.

Meta events can also be generated by fader objects in the Environment. See Environment overview.