Pitch bend events

Pitch bend events are used to continuously vary the pitch. They are usually generated by a centered pitch bend wheel or joystick on your keyboard.

Figure. Event List showing pitch bend events.
  • Ch(annel): MIDI channel of an event from 1 to 16.

  • Num(ber): Fine pitch bend division (LSB: Least Significant Byte). Many keyboards transmit a value of 0. If the pitch bend wheel has an 8-bit resolution, you see values of 0 or 64 in this column.

  • Val(ue): The effective pitch value (MSB: Most Significant Byte), ranging from 0 to 127. A value of 64 corresponds to the half-way setting of the wheel.

  • Length/Info: The 14-bit value is displayed in this column as a decimal figure ranging from −8192 to 8191 (if your keyboard transmits 14-bit pitch bend data). The value in this column can be edited in the usual ways.