Program change events

Program change events transmitted to connected MIDI devices are used for patch (preset or setting) selection. These may be sounds in a synthesizer, programs in an effects unit, or snapshots in an automated mixing desk, for example.

Figure. Event List showing program change events.
  • Ch(annel): MIDI channel of an event from 1 to 16.

  • Num(ber): Bank select. Normally you will see this symbol (-), which indicates no bank select message will be sent. If you assign a number between 0 and 126, a bank select event is sent before the program change event.

    Bank select lets you address different sound banks (preset, internal, card, and so on) of connected MIDI keyboards and modules. The synthesizer must be able to recognize controller 32 as bank select, but this standard is not used by all manufacturers.

    If you have problems with bank select, check your synthesizer’s manual to see whether, and how, it responds to bank select commands.

  • Val(ue): A program number between 0 and 127.

    • Some manufacturers (such as Yamaha) number the programs in their devices from 1 to 128, not 0 to 127. If you have devices that follow this numbering protocol, you need to subtract 1 from the program number shown on the device itself, when adding or altering a program change event.

    • Other manufacturers use various methods of dividing internal memory locations into groups (or banks) and sounds. The most common is divisions into 8 groups of 8 sounds, each numbered 1 to 8. These devices respond to program numbers 0 to 63 by addressing storage locations 11 to 88. The instruction manuals for these devices should contain conversion tables to assist you.

Note: You can change the type of bank select messages sent by Logic Pro, if necessary for your devices. For more information, see Custom bank selects.