SysEx events

System exclusive data (SysEx) is unique to individual MIDI devices. You can record these events by using the dump utilities of your synthesizers, which lets you save patch information, or other data, outside the MIDI device (in a project or MIDI file). The arrows in front and behind EOX are used to add or remove bytes.

WARNING: Editing SysEx events requires a thorough understanding of the data format used by the MIDI device. Incorrect edits can lead to the corruption, or loss, of sound or other data.

Figure. Event List showing sysex events.

You can choose whether SysEx data is displayed in hexadecimal or decimal format in the Event List or the SysEx fader editors. Hexadecimal digits are preceded by a $ symbol in Logic Pro.

View SysEx data in hexadecimal format

  • Choose View > SysEx in Hex Format.

For more information on manually programming a SysEx message, see Work with SysEx faders.