Restore deleted steps in the Step Editor

Accidental deletions of one or more events, a change of mind, or an editing mistake are inevitable parts of song creation. Fortunately, you can backtrack your edits easily in Logic Pro. You also have the option of re-creating an event with the Pencil tool.

Undo the last edit or deletion

  • Choose Edit > Undo (default key command: Command-Z) immediately after making the error.

Undo or redo multiple steps

  1. Choose Edit > Undo History.

    The Undo History window appears. The most recent edit (at the bottom of the list) is highlighted.

  2. Click any entry to undo or redo all edits between the clicked and highlighted entries.

Important: A Redo list is not displayed until an Undo operation has been performed.

The Redo list appears below the Undo items. The first item that can be redone is indicated by gray text.

Undo or redo an isolated edit operation

  1. Command-click the edit operation you want to change.

    A warning dialog appears.

  2. Click Apply to undo or redo the edit operation. Click Cancel if you change your mind.

When the operation is applied, an isolated edit is undone or redone without influencing all edit operations between the clicked and highlighted (most recent) entries.