Lane parameters overview

The Lane parameters determine the event type shown on each lane. Events are shown as vertical beams (steps) on each lane, aligned with a particular time position in the ruler.

You can use the Lane parameters to change the way beams are displayed (see Change the grid and step display). You can also alter the grid resolution for each lane in a Lane Set, which is useful when creating drum patterns. You adjust the height and horizontal size of the lanes with the zoom sliders.

You select a lane (and its parameters) by clicking the lane name with the Pointer or Pencil tool.

Figure. Pointing to the name column of a lane.

You can view and change Lane parameters in the inspector (see Use the Lane inspector).

Select multiple lanes

You can make simultaneous changes to the parameters of several selected lanes (for more information, see Use the Lane inspector).

  • Shift-click each lane name with the Pointer or Pencil tool.