Configure a connected audio device

Many Core Audio–compliant devices don’t require a driver to work with Logic Pro. For other audio devices, you may need to install, select, activate, and configure the driver for the device. Check the instructions that came with the device, and the manufacturer’s website, for more information.

For devices that do require an audio driver, you configure the driver in Audio Devices preferences.

Open Audio Devices preferences

  • Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio (or use the Open Audio Preferences key command), then click the Devices tab.

Logic Pro automatically recognizes any installed Core Audio hardware, and uses the default settings as defined in the Audio MIDI Setup utility (Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup). In most cases, however, you may want to optimize the settings for your individual hardware setup, particularly if you use several audio interfaces or a multiple input/output device. If possible, you should avoid using different audio devices for input and output.

For details about setting up your Core Audio device preferences, see Devices preferences.