MIDI devices overview

Logic Pro works with many USB and MIDI keyboard controllers and with other MIDI devices including sound modules, control surfaces, effects processors, mixers, lighting controllers, pedals, and switches.

Logic Pro recognizes all MIDI devices set up in the Audio MIDI Setup (AMS) utility, the integrated audio and MIDI configuration tool of Mac OS X. You can find the AMS utility in the Applications/Utilities folder. For more information on use, see AMS Help.

Many controllers and other MIDI devices connect to your Mac via a USB port. If a MIDI device has MIDI In and Out ports rather than a USB port, you can connect it to a MIDI interface and connect the MIDI interface to your computer. Some MIDI interfaces are automatically recognized by your Mac, but others may require you to install driver software. Check the documentation that came with the device, and the manufacturer’s website, for more information.