Change the color of regions in the Tracks area

You can change the color of regions to identify sections of your arrangement, distinguish between track types, or for other uses. Newly recorded or added regions use the color of the track channel strip.

Change the color of one or more regions

  1. Select the region or regions.

    Note: If you select all regions on a particular track, and no regions on other tracks are selected, coloring them alters the hue of all selected regions. This also changes the color of the selected track’s channel strip.

  2. Control click one of the selected regions, then choose Name and Color > Show/Hide Colors from the shortcut menu.

    Figure. Color palette.
  3. Click a color.

Set regions to match the track color

  1. Select the regions you want to change.

    If all regions are on a single track, click the track’s header to select all regions.

  2. Choose Functions > Color Regions by Track Color from the Tracks area menu bar.

    The colors of all selected regions are replaced with the colors of the corresponding track channel strips.

Tip: This feature is handy after copying or moving regions between tracks, when you may find that the Tracks area resembles a patchwork quilt.