Clone audio regions in the Tracks area

You can clone audio regions in the Tracks area. Cloning an audio region is similar to creating an alias of a MIDI region; the clone doesn’t contain any audio data, but is only a reference to the original, and any changes to the original apply to its clones.

Clone a region

  • Hold down Option-Shift while dragging an audio region.

When you adjust the start or end point of any of the cloned regions, all other cloned regions are adjusted in the same way.

Convert cloned regions to independent regions

  • Select a group of cloned regions and choose Edit > Convert > Audio Region to New Region from the Tracks area menu bar.

After you make the cloned regions independent, altering the start or end point of one cloned region will not affect the others.

Convert multiple regions into audio files

  1. Select the regions you want to convert.

  2. Choose Edit > Convert > Audio Region to New Audio File (or press Option-Command-F).

  3. In the dialog that appears, set the sample rate, bit depth, file format, stereo conversion, and dither type for the converted audio files.

    Figure. Save Region As dialog.

    The new audio files are created in the same folder as the original audio file. The files are also added to the Project Audio Browser, and all references to these new regions are changed to correspond with the newly created files.

These newly created files can be edited independently, allowing you to reverse, time stretch, and more, without affecting other regions based on the same original file.