Cut, copy, and paste regions in the Tracks area

You can cut or copy regions in the Tracks area, and paste them at a different position. You can also paste a copied region at the same time position, to quickly double the region for use on another track.

Cut a region

  • Select the region, then choose Edit > Cut (or press Command-X).

Copy a region

Do one of the following:

  • Select the region in the Tracks area, then choose Edit > Copy (or press Command-C).

  • Option-drag the region.

When you copy an audio region, a new region is automatically created in the Project Audio Browser. The new region retains the name of the original, with a sequential number added. For example, for a region named MyLoop, the first copy is MyLoop.1, the second copy is MyLoop.2, and so on.

Paste the region

  • Move the playhead to the point in the Tracks area where you want the region to start, then choose Edit > Paste (or press Command-V).

Paste a region at the same position as the copied region

  • Select the track you want to paste the region into, then choose Edit > Paste at Original Position (or use the corresponding key command).

The copied region is pasted into the selected track, at the same position as the source region. This is useful if you want to copy a region to the same spot on a different track, to independently process or thicken the part, for example. This function is also ideal for creating layered MIDI or instrument parts.

Paste multiple copies of a region

  1. Select the region.

  2. Choose Edit > Repeat Regions from the Tracks area menu bar.

  3. Enter the number of copies to paste in the Number of Copies field.

  4. To have the copies snap to a particular grid value, choose a grid value from the Adjustment pop-up menu.

  5. To paste the copies as regions, select As Copies.

  6. To paste the copies as clones (for audio regions) or aliases (for MIDI regions), select As Aliases or Clones.