Resize regions in the Tracks area

You can shorten both audio and MIDI regions so that only part of the region plays. You can lengthen MIDI regions to add silence to the beginning or end of the region. In addition, you can resize the common edge of two adjacent regions to control the transition between them.

You can also move and resize regions numerically by opening an Event Float window. For more information, see Event Float window.

Resize a region

  1. Move the pointer over the lower-right edge of the region.

  2. When the Resize pointer appears, drag the region to shorten or lengthen it.

    Figure. Resize pointer over the edge of a region.

Resize two adjacent regions

  1. Select the Pointer or Pencil tool, then place the pointer over the upper edge where two adjacent regions meet.

    The pointer changes to the Junction pointer.

    Figure. Tracks area showing Junction tool between two regions.

    Note: If there is a gap between the regions, the Loop tool is shown when you move the pointer over the upper-right corner of the earlier region.

  2. Drag left or right.

    Both regions are resized accordingly, with no gaps between them.

Resize selected regions to the same absolute length

  • Hold down Option-Shift while resizing the regions with the Pointer tool.

Resize selected region start or end points to the playhead position

Do one of the following:

  • Use the Set Region/Event/Marquee Start to Playhead Position key command.

  • Use the Set Region/Event/Marquee End to Playhead Position key command.

For audio regions, using the Set Region/Event/Marquee Start to Playhead Position key command also moves the anchor point to the playhead position.

Remove overlaps between regions

  1. Select the overlapping regions, or select all regions on the track by clicking the track header.

  2. Choose Edit > Trim > Remove Overlaps (or use the corresponding key command).

    Where the selected regions overlap, the length of the left (earlier) region is reduced to remove the overlap.

Lengthen regions to remove gaps between them

  1. Select the regions you want to lengthen.

    Figure. Tracks area showing two selected regions with a gap between them.
  2. Choose Edit > Trim > Region End to Next Region (or use the corresponding key command).

    Figure. Tracks area showing gap between regions removed.

    The selected regions are lengthened to end at the start point of the next region on the track.

Lengthen selected regions between locators

  1. Set the left and right locator positions by doing one of the following:

    • Drag from left to right across the upper part of the ruler.

      Figure. Setting left and right locator positions by dragging in the ruler.
    • Set the value in the locator fields in the LCD.

      Figure. Setting locator position in the LCD.
  2. Select the regions within the locator boundaries.

    You can quickly select all regions inside the locators by choosing Edit > Select > All Inside Locators.

  3. Choose Edit > Trim > Fill within Locators (or use the corresponding key command).

    All selected regions within the locator boundaries are lengthened, closing the gaps between them. On each track, the last region within the locator boundaries is not lengthened.