Customize the toolbar

The toolbar offers a variety of buttons and other controls for working with regions in the Tracks area, as well as other functions. The default set of buttons provides the most commonly used options for most users. If you find that you need to access particular functions that are not part of the default set, you can customize the toolbar by adding additional controls, or removing existing controls.

Change the controls on the toolbar

  1. Control-click the toolbar, then choose Customize Toolbar from the shortcut menu.

  2. Add or remove individual controls by selecting their checkboxes in the Customize dialog.

    Figure. Customize Toolbar dialog.
  3. Choose the appropriate option, as follows:

    • Click Cancel to keep the previously saved toolbar layout.

    • Click OK to activate the new control layout.

    • Click Save As Default to save your current layout as the default, which is then applied whenever you create an empty new project, open a new main window, or click the Restore Defaults button.

    • Click Restore Defaults to return to the default layout.