Scroll and zoom in the Tracks area

Depending on the size of the project and your display, you may not be able to see the entire project at one time. You can scroll both horizontally and vertically in the Tracks area to view other parts of the project.

You can zoom in to make precise edits and see more detail in the Tracks area, or zoom out to view more of your project. You can also zoom the amplitude of the waveforms in audio regions in the Tracks area.

Scroll in the Tracks area

  • To scroll horizontally, drag the horizontal scroll bar in the Tracks area menu bar. Drag left to scroll to an earlier part of the project, or drag right to scroll to a later part of the project.

  • If a project has more tracks than are currently visible in the Tracks area, a vertical scroll bar appears along the right edge of the Tracks area. Drag the scroll bar up or down to see the other tracks.

Zoom in the Tracks area

  • Drag the horizontal and vertical zoom sliders, located in the Tracks area menu bar. Drag the horizontal slider left to zoom out for a wider view, or drag it right to zoom in for a close-up view. Drag the vertical slider up for a wider view (more tracks), or drag it down for a close-up view (fewer tracks).

    If the Tracks area grid value is set to Automatic, the units shown on the ruler change when you zoom in or out.

Zoom audio waveforms

  • Click-hold the Waveform Zoom button in the Tracks area menu bar, then drag the slider vertically to zoom in or out.

You can speed up your workflow by using the Save and Recall Zoom Setting key commands. If your computer has a trackpad that supports gestures, you can also scroll and zoom in the Tracks area using gestures.