Scrub the project

You can scrub a project to locate or listen to a sound at a particular point in time. When you scrub a project, you quickly audition it by moving the playhead across the Tracks area. The speed at which you move the playhead controls the playback speed. Scrubbing makes it easy to zero in on a particular drum beat or other audio event before cutting or editing a region.

You can also scrub selected audio regions. When the Scrubbing with Audio in Tracks project setting is active, MIDI regions are also scrubbed (whether or not they are selected). Muted tracks and regions are not heard, so you can control which tracks and regions you hear by muting or soloing them.

Scrub the project

  1. If necessary, zoom in or out to view the section you want to scrub.

  2. Click the Pause button in the control bar.

  3. Grab the playhead in the Tracks area or the ruler, and move it back and forth through the parts of the project you want to hear, at the speed you want to scrub the section (or use the Scrub Rewind and Scrub Forward key commands).

Note: If the Pause button is not visible in the control bar, you can show it by customizing the control bar.

Scrub specific audio regions

  • Select the audio regions, then scrub the project.

    Only the selected audio regions are heard. All unmuted MIDI regions are also heard.

Turn on scrubbing for MIDI regions

  • Choose File > Project Settings > MIDI > General > Scrubbing with Audio in Tracks.

Scrub using a MIDI controller

  • Assign any MIDI controller number to the Scrub by MIDI value (-2-) function.

    With this assignment, data bytes over 64 scrub forward, and those under 64 scrub backward. For more information, see the Logic Pro Control Surfaces Support manual.

You can also scrub via external MIDI control (such as a control surface or keyboard controller) using the Scrub by MIDI value (-2-) function (available in the Controller Assignments window; see the Logic Pro Control Surfaces Support manual). Any MIDI controller number can be assigned to this function. Data bytes over 64 scrub forward, and those under 64 scrub backward.

Note: Scrubbing is automatically made active when you split regions with the Scissors tool in the Tracks area, making it easier to identify the cut position.