Add and remove regions from folders

You can add and remove regions from a folder. This is useful as you experiment with your arrangement, and find that you need to add or remove parts.

Add regions to a folder

  • At the top level of the Tracks area hierarchy (outside the folder), drag the regions onto the folder, at the desired position.

    Figure. Regions dragged onto a folder.

    If the folder doesn’t already contain a track that uses the same channel as the source region, Logic Pro creates one. If it does contain a track using the same channel, the track uses this channel. When you enter the folder, you see the dragged regions at the drop position.

    Figure. Regions dragged inside a folder track.

Remove regions from a folder

  1. Open a second Tracks area window by choosing Window > Open Tracks, or use the Open Tracks key command (Command-1).

  2. In one of the two windows, open the folder containing the regions you want to remove.

  3. Drag the regions into the Tracks area in the other window.

You can also cut a region from a folder, using the Edit > Cut command to transfer the region to the Clipboard. You can then copy the region to the position where you want it to appear in the Tracks area using the Edit > Paste command.