Time stretch notes in the Piano Roll Editor

You can use time handles to time stretch notes in the Piano Roll Editor.

Time stretch notes

  1. Choose Functions > Time Handles in the Piano Roll Editor menu bar.

  2. Drag to select the required range of notes.

    The range is highlighted with a blue rectangle, and a time handle is added at each border, quantized to the nearest position according to the Snap setting.

    Figure. Piano Roll Editor, showing flex markers.
  3. Do one of the following:

    • To time stretch selected notes: Drag the upper part of either time handle, using the other time handle as a pivot point.

      If you move one time handle beyond the other, the notes are reversed.

    • To adjust the time handle borders: Drag the lower part of either time handle.

Note: You can Shift-click notes to unselect or select them.