View multiple MIDI regions in the Piano Roll Editor

You can view the contents of several selected MIDI regions, all MIDI regions in a folder, or all MIDI regions in a project using Link modes.

When multiple MIDI regions are displayed in the Piano Roll Editor, you can freely select note events from different MIDI regions, and edit them. A help tag indicates the number of selected events and their parent MIDI regions. For example, 8/2 means that eight notes are selected from two MIDI regions.

When viewing multiple MIDI regions, you can temporarily display only the region of a note by double-clicking the note.

View the contents of multiple MIDI regions

  • Shift-click multiple MIDI regions in the Tracks area.

    Notes from all of the selected regions appear in the Piano Roll Editor. The start point of each MIDI region is indicated by a vertical line of the same color as the MIDI region itself.

Show only the region for a particular note

  • Double-click the note.

  • To return to the previous view, do one of the following:

    • Double-click the Piano Roll Editor background.

    • Select a different region.