Get started with projects

You create your music in a Logic Pro project. A project is the document that contains all of your recordings, the media files you add, and all the edits you make. You start working in Logic Pro by creating a project or opening an existing one. GarageBand users can open their GarageBand projects in Logic Pro and continue working, with the expanded capabilities of Logic Pro.

Logic Pro includes a demo project that you can use to try out the tasks presented in the following Get Started topics. You can also create a new project, or open an existing one.

Open the demo project

  • Choose Help > Logic Pro Demo Project.

    Figure. Logic Pro showing the Tracks area for the demo project.

Create a project from a template

  1. Choose File > New from Template to open the Project Chooser.

  2. In the Project Chooser, click New Project on the left, then double-click a template on the right.

    Figure. The Project Chooser, with an Empty Project template selected.

    The project opens. If you choose Empty Project, the New Tracks dialog appears so you can add a track.

Open an existing project

  1. Choose File > Open.

  2. Browse to the location of the project, select it, then click Open.

Save your project

  • Choose File > Save (or press Command-S).

For more information about working with projects, see Projects overview. For information about creating projects, see Create projects.