Advanced tools and additional options

In Logic Pro, you can turn some advanced features on or off to suit your way of working.

Users new to Logic Pro can start working with basic features and a streamlined interface. In particular, users familiar with GarageBand will find a direct match for nearly all GarageBand features.

Upgrading Logic Pro users have access to the full power and flexibility of Logic Pro. Advanced tools and additional options are turned on by default, and can be controlled using the Show Advanced Tools and Additional Options checkboxes in the Advanced preferences pane:

Show Advanced Tools

When you turn on Show Advanced Tools, Logic Pro’s full music production capabilities become available. All windows, views, menus, and key commands required for standard music production tasks are accessible in the application.

For existing Logic Pro users upgrading to Logic Pro X, Show Advanced Tools and all additional options are turned on by default.

Additional Options

The Additional Options preference gives you access to extra capabilities for special tasks beyond the needs of usual music productions. When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, the following additional options are available:

  • Audio: Use the Audio File Editor, for destructive editing of audio files and advanced configuration options.

  • Surround: Use surround capabilities (in the Mixer) with a surround speaker setup.

  • MIDI: Use the Environment for MIDI signal flow control and real-time processing of MIDI data.

  • Score: Use additional features in the Score Editor, including the ability to assign staff styles to individual regions and create chord grids.

  • Control Surface: Create and edit control surface assignments.

  • Advanced edit: Use advanced editing functions including the Tempo Interpreter, and create aliases.

For users upgrading to Logic Pro X, any additional options used by an existing project are turned on by default when you open the project.

Turn on Show Advanced Tools

  1. Choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Advanced.

  2. Select the Show Advanced Tools checkbox.

Turn on Additional Options

  1. Choose Logic Pro Preferences > Advanced.

  2. Select any of the specific additional options you want to use.

Some features are only available when Show Advanced Tools is turned on, or when the corresponding Additional Options checkbox is selected. If a project makes use of features (for example, Track Stacks) that can only be created or edited when the Show Advanced Tools checkbox is selected, items using the feature will still play when Show Advanced Tools is turned off.