Project Audio Browser

The Project Audio Browser shows the audio files used in the project, and displays an overview of the regions derived from each audio file. You can add, edit, delete, and rename audio files and regions in the Project Audio Browser.

The Project Audio Browser is available when Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane.

Figure. The Project Audio Browser.
  • File path: Shows the location of the audio file.

  • Name column: Displays audio files by name. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of an audio file to reveal regions associated with the file.

  • Icon column: Displays icons to indicate missing or timestamped files, files that follow the project tempo, or files that contain tempo information.

  • Info column: Shows sample rate, bit depth, input format, and file size details. Also indicates file length using horizontal bars. Colored sections indicate the location and size of regions within the audio file. The Info column can also display waveform overviews.

  • BPM column: Shows the original tempo of audio files.

  • Play button: Plays the selected audio file or region. Click again to stop playback.

  • Cycle button: Loops playback of the selected audio file or region. Use in combination with the Play button.

  • Volume slider: Sets the playback volume.

Open the Project Audio Browser

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Browsers button in the control bar, then click Project.

  • Choose View > Show Browsers, then click Project.

Open the Project Audio Browser as a separate window

  • Choose Window > Open Project Audio (or press Command-8).

For more information about using the Project Audio Browser, see Project Audio Browser overview.