Score Editor

The Score Editor displays MIDI regions as music notation, including notes, rests, and other MIDI events such as sustain pedal markings. You can add and edit notes and other musical symbols. Lyrics, titles, and other text can also be included in the score. You can control the display of individual staffs, extract parts from the score, modify the overall score layout, and print or export complete scores, partial scores, and parts.

Figure. The Score Editor.
  • Score working area: Displays music notation for selected MIDI regions, tracks, or the entire project.

  • Region inspector: Choose visual quantization and other display settings for selected regions.

  • Event inspector: Control appearance and position settings for individual notes and other items in the score.

  • Part box: Displays available musical symbols, organized in groups. Select musical symbols to add to the score, and customize the order of symbols in the Part box.

Open the Score Editor

  • Double-click a MIDI region in the Tracks area, then click Score.

Open the Score Editor as a separate window

Do one of the following:

  • Choose Window > Open Score Editor (or press Command-5).

  • Drag the Score Editor by its title bar out from below the Tracks area.

For more information about using the Score Editor, see Notation overview.