Event List

The Event List shows all the events in your project, such as MIDI note events or region start events, in a vertical list format. You can use it to make precise edits, and for other tasks better suited to numeric rather than graphic edits. You can display all events or limit them by category.

Figure. The Event List.
  • Display Level button: Click to move up one display level in the Event List. This view lets you see all regions in the current project.

  • Add Event button and Type pop-up menu: Add an event, and choose the type of event to add.

  • Event Type buttons: Click to show or hide specific event types.

  • List area: Shows the list of events or regions, organized in columns.

Open the Event List

Do one of the following:

  • Click the List Editors button in the control bar, then click Event.

  • Choose View > Show List Editors, then click Event.

Open the Event List as a separate window

  • Choose Window > Open Event List (or press Command-7).

For more information, see Event List overview.