Marker List

The Marker List displays all the markers in the project. You can create, select, and edit markers in the Marker List, and click a marker name to move the playhead to that marker position.

Figure. The Marker List.
  • Create button: Creates a marker at the playhead position.

  • Marker List area: Lists all the markers in your project, showing the name, bar position, and length of each marker. Drag vertically in the Position column to edit a marker’s position, or double-click and enter a new value.

  • Marker Text Area button: Shows or hides the Marker Text area. Use this area to enter or edit text for the selected marker.

  • Marker Text area: Enter text for the selected marker by double-clicking the area or clicking the Marker Text Area button.

  • Marker Set pop-up menu: Choose the marker set to view and edit.

Open the Marker List

Do one of the following:

  • Click the List Editors button in the control bar, then click Marker.

  • Choose View > Show List Editors, then click Marker.

For more information, see Markers overview.