Logic Pro main window

You create and play projects in the Logic Pro main window. The main window is organized into different areas to help you focus on different aspects of your project, such as recording, arranging, and mixing. Buttons in the control bar show or hide different areas of the application.

Figure. Logic Pro main window.
Figure. Control bar buttons

The main areas of the Logic Pro window include:

  • Tracks area: Where you record audio and MIDI regions, add Apple Loops and other media files, and arrange the regions to build your project.

  • Control bar: Includes the transport controls you use to control playback of your project, buttons to show and hide the different areas of Logic Pro, and buttons for other frequently used commands. You can customize the control bar to suit your way of working.

  • Toolbar: Contains additional buttons and controls for the Tracks area and other areas of Logic Pro. You can show and hide the toolbar to optimize available screen space.

  • Inspector: Shows parameters for selected regions, tracks, and other items. The available parameters change depending on the area in which you are working, and what type of item is selected.

  • Smart Controls: A simplified set of visual controls that you can use to quickly modify the sound of the current patch without having to edit individual channel strip or plug-in settings.

  • Mixer: Shows channel strips for each track in the project, as well as auxiliary, output, and master channel strips. You can view and edit channel strip controls, customize routing options, and add and edit plug-ins in the Mixer.

  • Editors: Logic Pro features a set of editors, including the Audio Track Editor, Piano Roll Editor, Score Editor, Step Editor, and Audio File Editor, which you use to make precise changes to individual regions and their contents.

  • List Editors: An area where you can view and edit MIDI events, markers, tempo, and time signature events numerically.

  • Note Pad: Features text areas where you can create, view, and edit project and track notes.

  • Loop Browser: Gives you access to the included Apple Loops library so you can search for loops and preview them, then add them to your project.

  • Browsers: You can view the audio files in your project in the Project Audio Browser, add audio and movie files from the Media Browser, and browse your computer and connected storage devices using the All Files Browser.

You can show or hide different areas as part of the main window. Some can also be opened as separate, movable windows. You can also open multiple instances of the main window, and configure each one differently.

Open an instance of the Logic Pro main window

  • Choose Window > Open Main Window (or press Command-1).