Smart Controls

Smart Controls let you quickly view and adjust the most important parameters of the selected track, without opening the Mixer or individual plug-in windows. Each Smart Control features a set of screen controls. Adjusting a single screen control can modify one or more channel strip or plug-in parameters for the track.

Figure. Smart Controls pane showing screen controls and inspector.
  • Smart Control inspector: Choose a different layout, view existing mappings, map screen controls to parameters, and assign hardware controllers to screen controls.

  • Screen controls: Visual controls that modify aspects of the sound of the track. Each Smart Control has a set of screen controls optimized for the type of track or instrument. Screen controls are labeled to make their functions easier to understand.

Open the Smart Controls pane

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Smart Controls button in the control bar.

  • Choose View > Show Smart Controls.

Open the Smart Controls as a separate window

  • Choose Window > Open Smart Controls.

For information about working with Smart Controls, see Smart Controls overview.