What is Logic Pro?

Figure. Logic Pro main window.

Logic Pro is a powerful, full-featured music application with all the tools you need to create professional-quality music productions. You can record, arrange, and edit audio and MIDI regions, add high-quality effects, mix your music in stereo or surround, and export the final mix in a variety of formats for distribution.

With Logic Pro you can create many different kinds of projects, from simple songs to complex ensemble arrangements. Logic Pro gives you the flexibility to customize the application to suit your way of working.

Some of the things you can do in Logic Pro include:

  • Record instruments, vocals, or any sound that can be captured by a microphone, including recording takes and comps.

  • Play and record the included Logic Pro software instruments, using a USB keyboard or other MIDI controller. You can also play and record third-party Audio Units software instruments.

  • Add virtual drummers to your projects to create detailed, realistic virtual drum performances that adjust dynamically to the genre, the content of the project, and other parameters.

  • Add Apple Loops and other prerecorded media files to your projects.

  • Arrange regions containing your musical material in the Tracks area. You can also define sections of the project and quickly rearrange them using arrangement markers.

  • Edit audio and MIDI regions using a set of editors optimized for different tasks and region types.

  • Edit the timing and pitch of audio regions, and of individual notes, chords, and sounds.

  • Mix your project in the Mixer, where you can view and edit channel strip controls, customize routing options, and add and edit plug-ins.

  • Automate changes over time for mix, effects, and plug-in settings using total recall mix automation. You can record automation changes in real time and edit them later.

  • View MIDI regions in a project as music notation, add and edit notes and other musical symbols, and print the finished score as well as individual parts.