Control how windows change as the playhead moves

You can control how windows update to reflect changes to the playhead position using Catch modes. When you work in Catch mode, the visible section of a window follows the playhead during playback or recording.

If the Catch button is inactive, the display does not update, even when the playhead moves past the right edge of the visible portion of the window.

In the Logic Pro > Preferences > General > Catch pane, you can set the following options:

  • Catch when Logic starts: Turns on Catch mode whenever you click Play or Pause.

  • Catch when moving playhead: Turns on Catch mode whenever you move the playhead.

You also have the option of using Catch mode together with the Scroll in Play setting. The View menus of all windows that display time horizontally (Tracks area, Score Editor, Piano Roll Editor, and Step Editor) offer the View > Scroll in Play setting. If the Catch function of the window is also activated, the playhead remains in the middle of the window, while the background scrolls smoothly from right to left.

Turn on Catch mode

  • Click the Catch button in the Tracks area (or editor) menu bar.

Turn on Content Catch mode

  1. Click the Catch button to turn on Content Catch mode.

  2. Choose View > Link > Content Link.

  3. Turn on the Logic Pro > Preferences > General > Catch > “Catch content by position if Catch and Link are enabled” preference.