Zoom windows

You can also zoom in to see regions or events in closer detail, or zoom out to see more of the project. Most Logic Pro windows zoom sliders.

Figure. Zoom sliders in the Tracks area.

When you zoom in or out, the top-left (and selected) event or region remains in the visible area of the screen. If no selected region or event is visible, zooming is centered around the playhead. If the playhead isn’t visible, the current center of the window is retained.

You can store three different zoom settings for each window using the Save as Zoom 1–3 key commands. Use the Recall Zoom 1–3 key commands to recall your zoomed settings. These commands only apply to the active window or window area.

Zoom the Tracks area or editor

  • Do one of the following:

    • To zoom vertically: Drag the vertical zoom slider left or right. Dragging left zooms in, while dragging right zooms out.

    • To zoom horizontally: Drag the horizontal zoom slider left or right. Dragging left zooms in, while dragging right zooms out.

Zoom the Tracks area or editor using the playhead

  • Hold down Option as you click-hold in the lower section of the ruler, then drag the top of the playhead up or down. Dragging down zooms in, while dragging up zooms out.

    Figure. Arrange area showing region before dragging the top of the playhead down.

Zoom using your computer trackpad

  • Pinch on the trackpad using two fingers. Pinch open to zoom in, or pinch closed to zoom out.

Zoom a section of the Tracks area using the Zoom tool

  1. Select the Zoom tool from the Tool menu (or press and hold Control-Option).

    When the pointer is over an empty part of the Tracks area, you can simply press and hold the Option key.

  2. Drag to select the area you want to zoom with the Zoom tool.

    Figure. Arrange area showing a region selection with the Zoom tool.

    The selected area fills the window. You can repeat the process to zoom in further.

Save and recall zoom settings

  1. Adjust the zoom setting you want to store.

  2. Use one of the Save as Zoom key commands (1–3).

  3. To recall a saved zoom setting, use the corresponding Recall Zoom key command (1–3).

Revert to the previous zoom setting

  • Click the background with the Zoom tool.

    This action returns the zoom level to the original setting, or backtracks through previous zoom steps if the tool was used multiple times.