Common tools

The most common tools are briefly described in the following section. Tools for specific working areas or editors are covered in the respective chapters.

Pointer tool

The Pointer is the default tool when you open Logic Pro. You can use the Pointer tool to:

  • Select events, regions, or other items by clicking them. You can select multiple items by holding down Shift and dragging around the items.

  • Move items (by grabbing and dragging).

  • Copy items (by Option-dragging).

  • Change the length of items (by grabbing the bottom-right or bottom-left corner and dragging).

  • Loop regions (by grabbing the upper-right corner and dragging).

The pointer also takes the shape of this tool when outside the working area, when making a menu selection, or entering a value.

Pencil tool

The Pencil tool is used to add new regions or events. You can also select, drag, loop, and alter the length of regions or events using the Pencil tool.

Eraser tool

The Eraser tool is used to delete selected regions or events. When you click a region or event with the Eraser tool, all of the currently selected regions or events are deleted (similar to pressing the Delete key). The Eraser tool can also delete an unselected region or event by clicking it.

Text tool

The Text tool is used to name regions and other items, or add text to a musical score.

Scissors tool

The Scissors tool is used to split regions and events, allowing individual sections to be copied, moved, or deleted.

Glue tool

The Glue tool joins selected regions or events into a single region or event.

Solo tool

Click-holding a region with the Solo tool lets you listen to the selected region or event apart from the rest of the project. Moving the mouse horizontally also scrubs any events the pointer touches.

Mute tool

Clicking an event or region with the Mute tool prevents it from playing. You can unmute the region or event by clicking it a second time with the Mute tool. If multiple regions or events are selected, the mute state of the clicked region or event applies to all selected regions or events.

Zoom tool

The Zoom tool allows you to zoom (up to the full window size) by dragging to select a specific region. You can revert to the normal zoom level by clicking the window background with this tool. You can also access the Zoom function—even when other tools are active—by pressing and holding Control-Option. When the pointer is over an empty part of the Tracks area, Piano Roll Editor, Score Editor, or Step Editor, you can access the Zoom function by pressing and holding Option.

Flex tool

The Flex tool provides you with quick access to fundamental Flex editing functionality, without having to turn on Flex view in the Tracks area.