Control the overall project volume

You can control the overall playback volume of a project using the Master Volume slider in the control bar, the master track in the Tracks area, and the master channel strip in the Mixer. Each acts as a master volume control for the overall project, and also affects the overall volume of the project mix. These controls don’t affect the playback volume of external MIDI channel strips.

The Master Volume slider, master track, and master channel strip are connected, so that changes to one affect the other two as well. If automation data exists on the master track, the Master fader moves to show the volume changes when you play the project.

Generally speaking, you should adjust the output volume to a level high enough to eliminate background noise, but not high enough to cause clipping. You can check for clipping by watching the clipping indicators in the master level meter.

For information about the master track, see Work with the master track. For information about automating track parameters, see Automation overview. For details about working with the master channel strip in the Mixer, see Channel strip types.

Adjust the overall project volume

Do one of the following:

  • In the control bar, drag the Master Volume slider left or right.

    Option-click the slider to return it to a neutral value (0 dB gain).

  • In the Tracks area, drag the volume slider on the header of the master track.

    If the master track is hidden, choose Track > Show Master Track.

  • In the Mixer, drag the Master fader up or down.