Global tracks overview

Logic Pro includes a set of global tracks that you can use to control different aspects of the overall project. You can show global tracks in the Tracks area and in the time-based editors (including the Audio Track Editor, Piano Roll Editor, and Step Editor). When you show the global tracks, they appear below the ruler for that particular area.

By default, the following global tracks are available:

  • Arrangement track: Contains arrangement markers, which you can move, copy, and edit to quickly reorganize a project. For more information, see Add arrangement markers and Edit arrangement markers.

  • Tempo track: Contains the project tempo, and all tempo changes in the project. For more information, see Tempo track overview.

  • Transposition track: Contains transposition events used to transpose parts of a project up or down in pitch. Transposition affects MIDI regions and Apple Loops, and can also affect audio regions. For more information, see Transposition overview.

  • Movie track: Displays frames of a QuickTime movie as thumbnails that are synchronized with the ruler, for use in film scoring. Cuts in the movie can be detected automatically and marked. For more information, see About the Movie track.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, the following additional global tracks are available:

  • Marker track: Contains markers, which are used to label bar positions and parts of the project. Their length, text, and color can be edited freely. For more information, see Markers overview.

  • Signature track: Contains the basic time and key signatures of the project, along with any signature changes. For more information, see Time and key signatures overview.

  • Beat Mapping track: Use to adjust the tempo to follow recordings that do not follow a strict tempo, without changing the rhythmic feel of the recordings. For more information, see Beat mapping overview.