Navigate using markers

You can navigate through your project using markers. This is useful when you want to quickly jump to, and edit, regions or events at a specific position in your project, for example.

Move the playhead to a marker

Do one of the following:

  • Hold down Option and click the marker in the Marker track.

  • Use the Go to Marker Number 1 to 20 key commands (20 different commands).

    The marker numbers in these commands refer to the (serial) order of all markers in the project. By default, when you create a marker, the name shows the marker number.

  • Use the Go to Marker key command to open a window where you can enter any marker number.

    The playhead moves to the beginning of the chosen marker.

Move to the next or previous marker

  • Use the Go to Previous Marker and Go to Next Marker key commands.

The locators are set to the beginning and end points of the selected marker.

Create a cycle from a marker

Do one of the following:

  • Drag the marker into the upper part of the ruler.

    Figure. Marker being dragged to the ruler.

    This action sets the cycle area to the position and length of the marker.

  • Select the marker, then use one of the following key commands:

    • Set Locators by Marker and Enable Cycle

    • Set Locators by Previous Marker and Enable Cycle

    • Set Locators by Next Marker and Enable Cycle