Move and copy tempo points

You can move and copy tempo points in a number of ways:

Move a tempo point in time

  • Drag the tempo point left or right.

Move the selected tempo point to the current playhead position

  • Use the Move Region/Event to Playhead Position (Pickup Clock) key command.

Move the selected tempo point, replacing the previous one

  • Control-click a tempo point, then choose Extend Left from the shortcut menu.

    The selected tempo point is moved left to the position of the previous one, which it replaces.

Note: This menu item is not available for the first tempo point.

Copy a tempo point

Do one of the following:

  • Hold down Option while dragging a tempo point.

  • Use the standard Copy and Paste operations (via the Edit menu or the corresponding key command). The tempo point is pasted at the playhead position.

    If you copy multiple tempo points using Copy and Paste, the first tempo point is pasted at the playhead position.

Copy or move multiple tempo points

  • Shift-click or drag to select (while holding down Control), then drag all tempo points to the target position.

Note: Any tempo points at the target positions are replaced by the moved or copied ones.

Copy tempo changes from a passage

  1. Set the locators to the passage containing the correct tempo change.

  2. Choose Edit > Select Inside Locators.

    Note: When a marquee selection is active, using this key command sets the marquee selection to match the locators.

  3. Copy the tempo points to the Clipboard (Command-C).

  4. Deselect all tempo points (by clicking the background).

  5. Paste the tempo points from the Clipboard (Command-V).

  6. By default, the first tempo point is pasted at the current playhead position, but this can be changed. A Position field appears alongside the first pasted tempo point, allowing you to alter the bar position. If the first tempo point is not at the start of the bar in the passage, be sure to alter the bar number, and leave the beat, sub-beat, and frame or tick values unaltered.

  7. Press Return.

    The copied tempo changes are selected, and you can undo the operation if necessary.