Create and edit tempo changes in the Tempo List

The layout and functions of the Tempo List are similar to those of the Event List. Below are the most important Tempo List operations. For information on general Event List operations, see Event List overview.

Creating a tempo curve can lead to the creation of numerous tempo change events. These tempo change events can be viewed in the Tempo List.

Create a tempo change in the Tempo List

  1. Move the playhead to the position where you want to add the tempo change event.

  2. In the Tempo List, click the Add Tempo button .

    A tempo change event (which uses the current project tempo value) appears. You can alter the value in the Tempo column.

Change the position of a tempo change

  • Drag any of the position numbers up or down, or double-click in the Position or SMPTE column and enter a new position.

Move the selected tempo change event to the current playhead position

  • Use the Move Region/Event to Playhead Position (Pickup Clock) key command.

Display additional events in the Tempo List

  • Click the Additional Info button.

    All tempo change events, including those located on the tempo curve, are displayed in the Tempo List.

Delete a tempo change event in the Tempo List

Do one of the following:

  • Click the tempo change event with the Eraser tool.

  • Select the tempo change event, then choose Edit > Delete (or press Delete).