Adjust elements of MIDI channel strips

On MIDI channel strips, you can adjust the volume level and pan position, control MIDI data transmission, and assign controller data.

Adjust the volume of a MIDI channel strip

  • Drag the Volume fader up or down.

Controller #7 is sent via your MIDI interface.

Set the pan position of a sound

  • Drag the Pan knob vertically.

Controller #10 is sent via your MIDI interface.

Stop or start the sending of MIDI data from the MIDI channel strip

  • Click the Mute button.

When the Mute button is on, the MIDI channel strip stops sending MIDI data.

Assign a controller to one of the knobs

You can use each of the Assign 1 to 5 knobs to send MIDI controller data to the external MIDI instrument, allowing you to remotely control parameters such as volume, pan, and chorus.

  1. Click the label above the knob.

    Figure. MIDI channel strip showing controller assignment on knob.
  2. Choose a controller from the pop-up menu.