MIDI channel strips overview

MIDI channel strips in the Mixer work as remote controls for the mixing parameters of your MIDI-controlled sound modules and synthesizers, such as volume and pan.

Figure. MIDI channel strips with all channel strip components.
  • Program buttons: Use to select a sound by name. Click one to open a pop-up menu that contains either GM sound names (the default setting) or sound names created or imported by the user. Each channel strip has its own pop-up menu, whose content can vary depending on the Bank number selected in the Bank fields.

  • Bank fields: If your sound source “understands” bank select events, you can choose the bank number for each of the MIDI channel strips. The lower value sends controller value 32, and the upper value sends controller value 0; this is for MIDI instruments that have 127 x 127 banks. You can use several different bank select formats (see Custom bank selects) if your device does not use the standard controller 0/32 messages. Remember that not all synthesizers support bank select events.

  • Assign 1 to 5: Display up to five knobs that you can freely assign to any MIDI controller number.

View the MIDI channel strip controls (if hidden)

  • Choose View > MIDI Channel Strip Components from the Mixer menu bar, then choose a component.

The basic channel strip controls, such as volume, pan, and mute, are always shown on MIDI channel strips.