Work with ReWire applications

Logic Pro acts as a host for ReWire applications such as Propellerhead Reason. When such applications are open alongside Logic Pro, synchronized audio information is routed out of them into aux channel strips in the Mixer, where it can be combined with other tracks, run through effects, and bounced to new audio files.

Important: Start Logic Pro first, then start your ReWire application.

In addition to routing the outputs of ReWire applications into Logic Pro, you can also directly play, record, and play back the software instruments available in these programs. Propellerhead Reason, for example, is the software equivalent of a rack of synthesizers and samplers.

You can directly play each synthesizer in the Reason rack, and can record these parts as MIDI regions on Logic Pro tracks, much as you would with internal, or external MIDI, instruments in Logic Pro.

Access a ReWire instrument

  1. Select an external MIDI track in the Tracks area.

  2. Double-click the ReWire application in the Library (Reason, for example).

    The ReWire application opens and a list of all available ReWire instruments appears in the Library.

  3. Select an instrument in the Library.

Manually set up an aux channel strip for ReWire use

  1. Click the Mixer button in the control bar.

  2. Choose Options > Create New Auxiliary Channel Strip from the Mixer menu bar.

  3. Repeat step 2 to create as many aux channel strips as required.

  4. Choose the ReWire channel from the Input slot of the relevant aux channel strip.

You can also define the ReWire playback behavior.